The Opioid Crisis

Are you doing enough to protect your patients?

Our educational platform helps your practice provide your patients with the direction they need to safely use their prescriptions without spending any extra time during their visit.


Average Increase of Opioid Knowledge for Patients

Patients Successfully Completed the ProveIt! Program


Reimbursable by Most Private Insurers

We protect patients with our one-of-a-kind automated education platform.

ProveIt!’s Line of Products

Streamlined Patient Education

Teach your patients the ins and outs of safe opioid usage without spending extra time in the clinic! The platform is reimbursable by most private insurers as well!

Innovative Educational Platform

Our opioid education program incorporates 28 concepts deemed “necessary” for safe opioid use by government agencies into a program that takes less than 10 minutes to complete!

A Higher Standard of Care

Education does not stop when the patient walks out of your clinic. You are able to monitor the patients progress through the program with our online portal.

Do You Know the Extent of the Opioid Crisis?

Why Partner With ProveIt!’s Automated Education Platform?

What We Do

We provide a technology-based, automated education program that effectively reduces the risk of accidental overdose from prescription drugs

Why Educare?

Educare combines education and healthcare to provide you with the ability to make informed choices.

Who We Are

We are a team from a range of specialties who want better futures for patients and decided to act on that want.

ProveIt!’s Three-Step Process Makes Screening and Educating Your Patients Easy

Screening (Optional)

Screening to recognize any potentially unwanted behaviors.

Educational Video

Modular Video Segments that educate patients on proper medication usage.

Comprehensive Test

Short test to check the patient’s knowledge.


Giving the physician peace of mind and improving patient safety.

ProveIt! is an innovative technology company providing an easy-to-use educational platform that can be utilized directly in a clinic or in the palm of your hand

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